Tool Box, Bronze, complete

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The COMPLETE BRONZE TOOL BOX contains:  #145 Applicator Bottle: Midget Glue Pump; 8" Bent Shears; 7" Duckbill Napping Shears; Slotted Razor Blade Knife; Pack of 100 Round Corner Blades; #260, No Slip Tool Pouch; Utility Knife; Pack of 100 Utility Knife Blades;           Pro2 - 100 Watt Electric Glue Gun; Pro-120 Watt Electric Glue Gun; #100 Glue Tips; Fusion Tip; T-Nozzle Tip; 1 lb. 725R10 Glue Sticks; 1 lb 725R10T Glue Sticks with Tracer; Comb; Commercial Row Finder; Large Knitting Needle; Complete Pack of Bulldog Clips; 2) Carpet Awls; Carpenters Pencil; Carpenters Pencil Sharpener; 25 pack of Craft Sticks; 6" Dowel; Roll of Double Faced Tape; 16 oz Hammer; 1 lb. Concrete Nails; 2) Nail Jars; 1 lb. of Lathe Nails; Needle-Nosed Pliers; Notched Scraper; 25 pack of Jumbo Paper Clips; 6" Smooth Seam Roller; 6" Starred Seam Roller; Small Square; 25' Tape Measure; Velvet Carding Brush; Spool of Waxed Thread; 5" Curved Needle...

And, IF you purchase the Bronze Tool Kit, Costa Group Education will also send at No Charge the Professional Sectioning & Grafting Made Easy - Basic Series as a Thank you!  This is a $49.95 value added incentive!

However, even sweeter...IF you purchase the Complete Bronze Tool Kit AND the Kool Glide Pro with one roll of Kool Glide Seaming Tape Costa Group Education will upgrade that special and send to you at No Charge the Professional Sectioning & Grafting Made Easy - Intermediate Series as a Thank You!  This is a $99.95 value added incentive!