KGX-6810-Kool Glide Pro with Case

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The Kool Glide is a revolutionary seaming system that uses radio frequency waves to send energy through the carpet or other flooring surface and bounce off the metalic backing of the Kool Glide tape.  The Kool Glide will NOT function with just any regular seaming tape.

The Kool Glide Pro comes in a specialty designed carrying case.  Included is also a tape guide, DVD and directions for use.  The Kool Glide comes with three wave settings based upon time (L, M, H) and a transverse button (T) that cuts the set time in half.  It is important when doing repairs that the L and T buttons both be depressed and that you wait at least 30 seconds before going over an area a second time.  

It is important to read and  follow the manufacturers directions that come with this great seaming and repair tool.  You will never want to go back to using a glue gun in doing permanent sections especially when the Kool Glide gives you multiple "re-do's" if you are not satisfied with your first attempt!!!