Hybrid 120-18 volt Glue Gun

Availability: Many in stock

Finally!!!!  A Glue Gun that runs off of 18 volt and/or 20 volt batteries!  No longer are you tide to an electrical plug inviting a trip hazard!!!  Also, no longer are you at the mercy of electricity within the building you are working in!  With a 18 volt or 20 volt appropriate car charger you can be working while others can't!

This Hybrid 120 18 volt Glue Gun was created for the Ryobi 18 volt battery system.  The Hybrid 120-18 volt Glue Gun comes in a case that will house a Ryobi charger (not included) and a one hour Ryobi 18 volt battery (not included).  Within this case is the Hybrid 120 Glue Gun, an 8 foot AC Power Cord.  Uses 7/16" Standard Glue sticks (recommend 725R10).  Cordless heating power is 18 volts, 120 watts.  Corded heating power is 110 volt, 120 watts.  Operating temperature is 193 degree C/380 degrees F.  Glue gun weight is 1.45 lbs.

The Glue gun has the ability for insulated, interchangeable nozzles, power indicator light, ergonomic handle, battery power on/off switch and trigger.  

Now even BETTER NEWS!!!!!  IF you have other tools that run off of 18 volt or 20 volt batteries such as Dewalt, Makita or Milwaukee, with the simple purchase of the appropriate adapter there is no need for you to purchase batteries and chargers nor are you limited to only the Ryobi battery system!