Carpet Grabber Pads (CGP-1424)

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The Carpet Grabber Pads measure 141/2" x 241/2" and sold two per set.  These Carpet Grabber Pads are used when performing a permanent section to keep a tightly stretched carpet from expanding when cutting the damaged piece out.  It is also used to supporting seams once made.  It can be used as a "deadman" and is not limited to direction.

The Carpet Grabber Pads are designed to be mounted with user supplied plywood or lumber.  The non-directional pins (unlike tackstrip pins) will not damage the face of carpet and allows the anchor to be pushed on from any side.

Usage Tips and General Information:

1.  Carpet Grabber Pads are best cut at room temperature with snips and best mounted using No. 6 x 1/2 Pan Head Phillips Head Screws into 5/8" plywood, or dimensional lumber.

2.  When attaching 5/8" plywood to dimensional lumber (2 x 4, 2 x 6, etc.), it is best to use       1 5/8" long Drywall Wood Screws fastening from the plywood side into the lumber.

3.  For a "deadman" anchor, it is best to push against a 2 x 4 mounted at the back edge of the plywood (or 2 x 10 or 2 x 12, if used).  This helps prevent the "deadman" anchor from lifting. 

4.  When Carpet Grabber Pads are used in the "deadman" anchor application,, it is always recommended that the appropriate amount of weight be used to help hold the "deadman" anchor.