Big Squeezy (#711)

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The “Big Squeezy” Carpet Stretcher is designed for carpet seam stretching, allowing a seaming iron or Kool Glide other other seaming system such as the HotGlue2 to pass beneath the stretcher.  The stretcher can also be used to pattern match, and the Stretcher Heads are reversible to also allow carpet to be spread.  Seams can be quickly made using multiple stretchers, leapfrogging through the seam without the need for stay-nailing or with the larger pin block holder (such as the 33” Pin Block Holder) an entire doorway seam can be created with a breeze.  Each 8” wide stretcher Head has 15 replaceable Pin Blocks that nest together with each Pin Block having five molded-in zinc plated steel pins to securely grab all types and weights of carpet.  The self-locking stretcher has a total range of 6” (14” – 20” between the Stretcher Heads) as the top mounted scale is graduated from 3” to 0” to 3” to indicate the amount of stretch.  Stretching is achieved by turning the Hand Crank, with one turn being a 1/8” advance.  With the Hand Crank removed, the exposed 3/8” hexagonal drive permits the use of a drill for quicker advance for applications like pattern matching.  For storage, the Hand Crank can be placed over the square drive in the reversed position.  The stretcher has heavy duty welded steel tubing construction, is capable of 1,500 lbs. pressure and is black powder coated and plated.  Each Stretcher Head includes a snap-on 8” Pin Cover to protect both the user and the pins.  Weighs 21 ½ lbs.