366-Commercial Row Finder

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A fantastic NEW row finder by Crain!  Ideal for finding the gauge, stitch rate rows (length & width) as well as the diagonal rows that may appear with a step-over stitching pattern.  Whether the rows are high, low or high and low this is one of the easiest tools to use to establish the row between the yarns for GREAT seams and sections!  The unique design allows the user to use a "sawing-action" to establish the rows without distorting the loops!

This ultra-straight spring steel row finder has smooth, rounded notches that opens rows of difficult carpets. The rounded ends can easily enter the rows of Berber and loop pile commercial carpets without catching loops. Once this tool finds a row, it can be moved back and forth in a sawing action to open the row. After use, a seam cutter or slotted razor blade knife is able to follow the row with reduced shearing of yarns. The textured plastic handle provides good grip.