BR-TB-TBKit1  $664.00
Tool Box, Bronze, Starter (without the Kool Glide and Kool Glide Tape)
What is in this kit?

All of THIS for as little as $644.00!!!

If you purchase the entire BR-TB-TBKit1 you get the Basic Carpet Repair DVD’s (5 DVD’s for the do –it-yourselfer) with a 99 page book.  A $49.95 value!
For as little as $1,241.00
IF you purchase the BR-TB-TBKit2 which includes ALL the above but ALSO includes the Kool Glide Seaming Iron with case and a roll of Uncoated Kool Glide  seaming tape, you will get the Intermediate Carpet Repair DVD’s (7 DVD’s for the “professional”) with a 120+ page book.  A $99.95 value!
Add the Kool Glide + Roll of Kool Glide Uncoated Seaming Tape