Edgebanding Iron (1-EB)

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Originally used for applying adhesive backed edgebanding, this iron has a nonstick soleplate coating and a lacquered hardwood handle that remains cool during use.  Die cast aluminum soleplate heats up to 395 degrees F and assures even heat distribution.  A stand is supplied for storage while hot iron is idle.  Soleplate measures 1 5/8" wide x 4 5/8" ling.  The handle is 6" long and overall length of the iron is 11 3/4".  Operates on 115v through a 5 1/2" 18/2 cord.

This unique tool can also be used to melt the seaming tape from the back of a carpet when needing to mechanic a new seam and or new seam area within a seam.  It can easily be placed under the carpet within a seam area; otherwise, the entire seam would need to be split and with the use of a seaming iron, melt the original tape off the backing.